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"The LORD GOD is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.” God is the one who saves me; I will trust him and not be afraid.​"

Isaiah 12:2
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About The Church

Welcome to the City of Refuge of Church of Jesus Christ where we are training one family, one community, one city, and one nation at a time that Jesus is LORD!

The City of Refuge Church of Jesus Christ is a non-denominational outreach ministry. The primary focus of this website is to provide a place where people seeking God can come to worship, praise, and pray to God.


Everything we offer at the City of Refuge Church of Jesus Christ is in accordance with the will, purpose, and plan of God, as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. We will do everything we can to bring you into the true knowledge of God through teaching, preaching, and evangelizing the word of God concerning His Son Jesus Christ.


My friends we're looking forward to your next visit, and we want to hear from you often! So, please..... tell your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your family members about us. Until then, may the Lord bless you, and keep you! May the Lord cause His countenance to shine upon you making you radiant. The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you always in Jesus precious name.

Amen! Pastor Anthony Todd Arnold


Meet Pastor

Anthony Todd Arnold

Pastor Anthony Todd Arnold was born in Chicago, Illinois where he attended both public elementary and high schools. His continued education includes Harold Washington College, Roosevelt University, and Grand Canyon University. Pastor Arnold is a licensed member of the National Association of Christian Ministers.


Pastor Arnold was raised in the Pentecostal doctrine under his paternal grandparents Deacon Henry Mcneal and Evan. Louise Virginia Arnold who were members of Christ Temple Apostolic Church. It was at Christ Temple one hot summer night during service, that Pastor Arnold responded to God's call. At age 11 he confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and was baptized by Bishop Rayford Bell.

Pastor Arnold is blessed with the spiritual gift of healing by the laying of hands. You'll often hear testimonies of gratitude from people he visited when they were sick at home, in the hospital, in a nursing home, or incarcerated who couldn't attend church for worship services.


Accordingly, Pastor Arnold's training as a servant leader of Jesus Christ was prophesied before he could walk. Mamie Smith his maternal great-grandmother who also raised him, trained him up in the Presbytery at Lincoln Memorial United Church of Christ. Where she served faithfully as both Sunday school teacher, and the superintendent of Sunday schools.



Pastor Arnold, "Tony", as he's known by the members of Lincoln Memorial UCC, remember him as 'one who was always willing to help people in crisis." Their most memorable reflections are of him singing in the choir while traveling across the

country singing songs of praise and worship.


In 2003 Pastor Arnold while serving as a member of the Apostolic Church of God received God's call to the office of shepherd [pastor]. The leadership of Bishop Arthur M. Brazier and the mentoring of Dr. Byron T. Brazier thoroughly prepared

Pastor Arnold for the office of Servant leader.


During his training as a member at the Apostolic Church of God. Pastor Arnold continued to share his gifts with others as a member of the Brotherhood chorale, the Sanctuary Choir, the hospital visitation committee, and the Brotherhood leadership committee. In August 2011, God called Pastor Arnold to "build my church", and name it "The City of Refuge Church of Jesus Christ."


Pastor Arnold still enjoys feeding the homeless, visiting the sick and stopping by the nursing homes to encourage, strengthen, and to comfort those who know Christ. While preaching the Good News Gospel message of forgiveness of sin to those who don't know Jesus Christ..


Pastor Arnold is available for pastoral care, speaking or teaching engagements by invitation:

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